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When it’s time to replace electrical outlets

Replacing electrical outlets: when to do?

Electrical outlets are all too easy to overlook despite their usefulness in everyday life. If you’re like most people, you only think about it when they don’t work. Watch out for these signs that your outlet is in bad shape.

Seven Signs It’s time to replace the electrical outlets:

1. The outlet does not work

Electrical socket
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This may seem obvious, but if the socket no longer powers your electronic devices, it may need to be replaced. Make sure the other outlets in the room are working before making any changes. If there is still no power supply, check if the switch has tripped.

2. Signs of burning or melting

Check for imperfections on the front panel, sockets, and wall. Dark discolouration and melting are the main red flags, as they indicate shorting and sparking. You must not reuse, the sockets in this condition. Call an electrician and have the outlet replaced as soon as possible.

3. The plugs come off easily

Loose plugs may seem more of a nuisance than anything else, but they indicate wear and can cause sparks and arcing.

4. The outlet is warm to the touch

Hot-to-touch outlets indicate worn, damaged, or improperly installed wiring. Any wiring or electrical current malfunction can cause an electrical fire, so it’s best to leave nothing to chance.

5. You smell smoke or see a spark

Trust your senses: If you see or smell smoke, sparks or burning near outlets after plugging something in or turning on an appliance, don’t hesitate to contact an electrician and have it inspected and possibly replaced.

6. Your outlets are not grounded

You can tell your outlets are not grounded if they only have two spikes or holes. This is an outdated design and should be replaced with a three-prong grounded outlet. If you have never replaced the original outlets in your home, we recommend that you do so.

7. Flicker

If a device flickers and shuts down, this means that the outlet is no longer able to keep up with demand. This can be due to wear, damage or an outdated design. Prevent short circuits or damage to your personal items by replacing the flickering sockets.

The advantages of GFCI outlets

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Experts recommend protecting your family from electric shock, by installing ground fault circuit breakers (GFCI), especially in areas close to humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, and courtyards. To prevent potentially fatal ground fault accidents, the electricians design these outlets.

People build all new homes with these outlets in the appropriate areas, but older homes will need an upgrade. Keep in mind that GFCI outlets have a useful life of around 10 years, so if your home is older than that, it might be time to inspect them.

The GFCI socket works by monitoring the current that travels from the appliance to the socket. In case it detects a slight change in current, even just a difference of five milliamps, which could indicate the occurrence of an earth fault, it automatically cuts off the power supply to the appliance.

If it’s time to replace outdated outlets, Worcester Emergency Service Certified Electricians have the solutions you’re looking for. Call 01905959005 or visit us online to schedule the service appointment.

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