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Circuit Breakers

Electrician Worcester – Circuit Breakers An essential safety feature in the home, circuit breakers circumnavigate electrical injuries and fires. What does a circuit breaker do? A mystery to most, these electrically powered wonders detect and stop excess current in its tracks. They generally trip when there is an overload or short circuit. Interrupting the current to the problem line until they can safely solve the problem.

The circuit breakers in the house

How does a switch work?

Your home’s electrical service panel contains a series of toggle circuit breakers that control circuit protection. To “trip” or go out, designed each breaker at predetermined amperage loads, hence the different sized breakers in the box. To protect the home and family from fires and electrical injuries. In case, reaches this limit. Afterwards, the intervention of the switch opens the circuit and prevents the flow of current to that particular line or electrical circuit.

Circuit Breakers

Most common reason for them:

An overloaded circuit, like a hair dryer battle with mother and daughter duels, or your annual Christmas light show.
A short circuit, for example, a wiring problem inside equipment that causes excessive current to be drawn.
A ground fault, typically occurring in high humidity such as the kitchen and bathroom, and why GFCIs are required by the current electrical code for your protection.

Where can I find circuit breakers in my home?

Circuit breakers are found in the breaker box in your home. Circuit breakers are typically found in the garage, basement, lobby, utility room, or warehouse. If you have trouble locating your breaker box, look for the electric meter outside your home. This is usually near your switch for safety / distribution. While you’re looking for the basement or storage areas for your circuit breaker, consider taking the time to turn your storage game into a better location!

How to reset a circuit breaker

If you lose power at an outlet or in an area of ​​your home, a circuit breaker may have tripped. Once you have found the switch box, resetting the switch is easy. Then open the switch box door and look for the buttons. Most should point towards the center of the panel, indicating the ON position. Toggle pointing away from the center of the panel on or off. Toggle an intermediate position between those that have tripped. It is necessary to turn off the switch before turning it back on, otherwise it will not reset. If it clicks again immediately, turn it off without resetting it, close the panel door and consult a professional electrician for investigation / advice.


If your home has a breaker that trips repeatedly, it’s important to understand why it should prevent it from happening again, and to guard against electric fire and injury. In rare cases, it may damage the switch itself. Or you may not know if a damaged or malfunctioning appliance or a problem in the circuit itself. Such as too many items on a switch (otherwise known as circuit overload). If a circuit breaker trips repeatedly, or you see charred switches, you notice a burning smell, or you see signs of fire, immediately turn off the main switch on the panel and contact the electrical professional immediately. And when it comes to your breaker box, if you’re unsure of anything, don’t mess around. Besides, seek professional guidance.

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